What is this place?

About Me

MeOriginally from Atlanta and currently living in San Diego, I am the mother of a beautiful Biscuit, wife of a hilarious Insurance Boss, and a person writing this blog.



  • In a blind taste test, I prefer Natural Light.
  • I quit my job as a consultant to spend more time with my daughter and take care of my family. (No, I will not explain to you what a consultant does. There is no time.)
  • I am compensating for the fact that I stand at a pitiful five feet and zero inches tall.
  • I have a master’s degree, and I don’t need you to tell me about how I’m not “using it.”
  • My elbows naturally hyperextend. It looks really gross when I completely straighten my arms.
  • I get very angry when I am cold or hungry. I am almost always cold and/or hungry.
  • My favorite movies are The Big Lebowski and that one Alec Baldwin scene from Glengarry Glen Ross.
  • My favorite song is anything that I can sing decently in the shower. That is also Insurance Boss’s least favorite song.

About This Blog

My decision to start a blog coincided with my decision to quit my job and spend more time with my daughter. So everyone’s first reaction to the idea was, “OH! A mommy blog. That will be cute!” It’s true, I have a small human who calls me “mommy.” And I will probably write a lot about being a parent. But this is not a place to find everything-free cookie recipes, FIUYs*, or flowery essays about the beauty of a little girl’s first passage of wind. I think that sometimes I say things that are funny. I also think that sometimes I say things that are smart. So I am going to write those things down and post them here. If I’m feeling lazy, I might direct you to read something else that is funny or smart. I hope you like it. If you don’t, it will hurt my self-esteem. And that will make you a bad person.

*Fuck It Up Yourself

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