Insurance Boss: Oscar dela Who???

Me: Oscar de la Renta died.
IB: Who’s that?
Me: He’s a fashion designer.
IB: Oh. I thought he was a boxer.

I know that my husband is smart. He’s brilliant. He is, after all, the big insurance boss, and he’s earned that title. However, he has a tendency to get… mixed up. Fortunately it’s usually not regarding anything important.

2 thoughts on “Insurance Boss: Oscar dela Who???

  1. Yeah, I think know what he means.

    Last year, I done seen Oscar de La Renta fight ole’ Macho Camacho in Las Vegas. It was on that special “Pay Per View” TV station! I believe that both of them two must a been some kinda Mexicans — or at least they was “part sumpthin’.”

    Designer? Designer what?


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