Biscuit as Mommy


“I love you, Monkey. You’re my sweet girl.”

I overhead this when Biscuit was playing by herself, and talking to her little toy monkey. As a parent, you say a lot of things around your kid you don’t want them to repeat. They can grab on to something you said just one time, and repeat it two weeks later. (Like the other day when she told Insurance Boss from the back seat of the car, “You’re not paying attention!” Whoops.) You can also lose your patience with them somewhere around the fifth attempt at picking a pair of pajamas and say something you regret. When you hear something like this, it reassures you that they do know how much you love them.

3 thoughts on “Biscuit as Mommy

  1. You’re doing a great job with her. I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m proud of her and you! (The Insurance Boss already knows of my high regard for him.)


    PS. I should tell you this more often.


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